10 Money Saving Apps to Help You Spare $1000/Year

Until two decades ago people knew two ways to save: through banks and investments, or by saving cash in a special locked-up drawer. No one could’ve imagined how easy saving money would become with the right tools.

Times definitely changed for the better. Fintech entrepreneurs created a wide variety of tools for us to use in our everyday life for a more careless life. Did you know you can save $1000 per year or more just by using the right apps?

Yes, you heard that right. Simply by using different saving money apps for each domain you spend money on, you will be able to save a lot of money by the end of the year.

We’ll teach you how:

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Save Money While Shopping

Every American owns at least one shopping card. Particularly because it helps people be aware of their spending, review their past purchases and see that week’s deals.

But did you know you can even get cash back with the right cards? One of the best money saving apps is none other than the Walmart MoneyCard. With it, you can receive up to $75 back annually.
Besides that, you will also be able to:
– make free withdrawals at any Walmart location
– receive a free early deposit for payroll or government benefits up to 4 days early
– pay bills without any fees
– have the chance to win $1000/month & other 999 monthly cash prizes

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Become The Future

We start being confident in our finances when we know how to invest too. First crypto buyers are now millionaires because they took the leap of faith and tried.

Now we know the great value the crypto market offers to its users. Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong has predicted that within a decade there will be over one billion crypto users. So this is the time to put our savings into great use. So, among money saving apps we can definitely consider the crypto apps.

We chose our favorite 2 crypto investment apps due to their amazing features. Firstly, we love Coinbase which was created by an expert in this domain who wanted to simplify the investment process for the public. The app has a few incredible options that makes it a leader in crypto apps. The lessons are split into 4 sections ( CryptoBasics, Tips & Tutorials, Market Updates, and answered questions). The app is designed to be used by beginners, pro traders, businesses and web developers. It also offers a variety of NFTs.

The other crypto app we’re recommending is considered the most secure crypto exchange in US. The app offers a range of over 90 cryptocurrencies, has an easy sell/buy/exchange option, and a Crypto secured Wallet. Gemini offers 10 free monthly fiat and crypto withdrawals.

In addition, it has Gemini Tools which help users multiply their investments. With Gemini Earn you earn interest on your crypto, Pay assist you in spending crypto in stores and the Active Trader offers you a thoroughly detailed chart with all order types. To name only a few of its features.

Considering the excellent security (it has never been hacked), the wide variety of features and cryptocurrencies, Gemini makes one of the best

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A Banking App to Help You Build Your Credit

While covering savings we need to talk about banking apps. On what criteria are you choosing one and how do you know which is the best for you?

“Too many Americans struggle to access their money, are paying too much for financial products, and are negatively impacted by the lack of solutions designed to suit their needs,” GO2Bank CEO explained in an interview.

That’s why he created an app that will help you in 3 major directions:

  • Build your credit – The app helps you get your FICO® Score for free. Moreover, GO2bank sends monthly reports to credit bureaus to boost the credit score and if there are $100 deposits in the past 30 days won’t be subject to a credit check.
  • Manage your savings – GO2bank offers a variety of options like early direct deposit, receive up to 7% cash back on gift cards and purchases and rewards to help users with their savings.
  • Have great overdraft protection – Users will benefit from an overdraft protection up to $200.
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Save While Investing

When taking care of your family finances, not only savings are important, but also to secure your future through investing. If you thought you need large amounts of money or that you can never start investing while being in debt, you have never been more wrong. There are investment apps created by investment experts that allow you to start with only $3 and see quick returns.

And yes, among the most important money saving apps recommendations we’re choosing to show you 2 of the best investment apps on the market that can bring you serious cash back.

Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and other top-notch companies declared Acorns is one of the best investment apps out there. With over 10 million users, it has endless benefits. A smart deposit built-in, no deadlines or rules on how often to invest, a diversified portfolio, NFTs, bonus rewards and so much more.
More than that, your start investment can be as low as $3 or $5 and you’ll receive a $10 bonus investment.

If you want to learn the ABC of investing without risking anything, Tornado is an incredible option. Founded in 2015 by to ex-Wall Street brokers, this app is to go-to source when you wish to understand everything about investing.
Tornado‘s unique feature is represented by community interaction. You learn by example, not by theory. You observe how other users invest, talk to them, and directly ask Tornado leaders questions in order to make sure everything is clear. There are also financial lessons that pay you up to $50 after completing the module.
And most importantly, you don’t have to invest in the beginning. Tornado has a simulation platform where you can learn how to trade in real life. It couldn’t get better than this.

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Create a Secure Future for Your Children

So we previously understood that saving and investing in the same time create a secure future. If you started investing for your family’s future, we’ll further show you an app that will help you secure your children’s financial freedom.

To start with, UNest is the best investment app for parents who want to put aside a monthly amount for their children’s college fund, first car, or towards any other goal.

When starting, your first investment will be a minimum of $25, but by applying the CACTUS25 code you’ll receive $25 back. The app has a range of free lessons and rewards from 150 companies like Disney or Doordash. Most importantly, you’ll see in real-time how the deposit grows bigger and be able to calculate the savings your kids will have by the time they’re in college.
Additionally, UNest has the option to withdraw the funds anytime tax-free. You make the rules and see how the dollars multiply in your kids’ accounts.

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Save Money with Serious Car Insurance Discounts

Every car owner was put in the situation to choose from a variety of auto insurance companies. By being a good driver you have more chances to pay less, and by comparing a few companies you might think you chose the best deal.

Actually, the chances are that you were overcharged. The great news is you can pay less. Special free sites help you compare the insurance deals available in your area leading to major annual savings.

Our favorite is Discover Auto Insurance, a company that assists people in saving up to $563 per year. By simply answering a quick quiz you’ll know for which deals you’re eligible. After completing it, a consultant will call you to help you choose the best deal available to you.
Above all, it’s important to know you can cancel your current insurance at any time and you’ll be refunded.

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Best Loan Options on the Market

In case you end up needing a loan, we have a solution in this case too. Savings happen gradually, and instead of entering the investment funds you previously made and losing the returns on them, you can take a loan with small monthly payments.
This way you will save money and be in control of your expenses. Fed Cuts Rates is one of the best options on the market. It will help you find the best loan companies you’re eligible to and help you save $300/month or more.

We’ve covered the saving money apps you can use for any major need in a household. We’re happy we’ve shared essential secrets that will help you be in control of your own life and savings with such simple-to-use tools. Greatness is achieved through small steps and persistence.
And now we know you’ll be on your way to great success.


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