How College Can Change Your Life

Whether going to college is worth it. This question struck into my mind as well before. I chose a college to go to. If you have questioned yourself about the same thing, I understand it. I would say it is natural because you are committing yourself to something. So it’s normal to be having your doubts. Some take a break after high school, before continuing their education, and some decide not to go. However, I want to tell you that it is worth it to go to college. Because going to college can change your life.

You must know how college can change your life totally. The exposure and the experience you get in your college life is worth it. So National Resource Connect have 13 reasons for you on how college can change your life.

College can change you life as you earn more than a person who doesn’t go to college.

The higher education you have, the more money you make. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings of a person with a bachelor’s degree is $1,883. Whereas a person with just a high school diploma earns $833 a week. That is a huge difference. So if you go to college, you will end up earning more money. Over your lifetime and find fewer financial difficulties. 

More often than not, your dream job requires a degree.

As a kid, everyone dreams of becoming something from a doctor to a firefighter. I used to dream of becoming a doctor, but I changed my mind after I grew up and chose computer science. Anyhow, most of the jobs we desire to have required a degree and to get a degree, one has to go to college. 

More job opportunities for you to choose from.

There are more job opportunities out there if you have a bachelor’s degree. You will be more qualified for jobs you apply to, and your options will be wider. This will help with a better paying job, as well compared to someone who doesn’t have a degree.

You will become more financially secure

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you are less likely to be unemployed. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, The unemployment rate for people with a bachelor’s degree is only 2.2%.

Which is way less than someone who only has a high school diploma. Other benefits of having a job that requires a bachelor’s degree are that, you will have a retirement plan and employment insurance. You will be more financially stable and can plan for your future.

You will learn how to manage your time

In high school, we have a schedule that is fixed for us by our counselor. We don’t have a lot of responsibilities as well, so we do little with our time. When you get into college, you end up having a lot more time and you choose your own schedule. In college, you will end up getting a lot of assignments as well. So you will have to plan out how to finish them. If you get a part-time job, you will need to plan out your time for everything. Hence improving your time management skills.

You will learn how to work with others

Not only does one have to do individual assignments, but there is also usually some group work. You are bound to do as well in almost every class. By being part of groups to complete an assignment, You will learn how to communicate with your peers and learn how to meet deadlines. By working in groups, you will also learn how to cooperate with others and come up with decisions mutually.

Going to college can change your life with a special experience.

Your time in college will be a special experience that you will always look back at and reminisce. However, it is in your hands what you make out of this experience. If you get involved and build connections, this can be the best time of your life. You will end up cherishing your time in college and always look back at it. 

You will make professional connections that will be useful in your life.

College is a great place to build professional connections. The professors that one has usually been already working in your chosen field of study. They can refer you to people and recommend you to internships, which can further lead to a job. Your major professors can also write great recommendations for you, if you stay in touch with them and build a connection with them. It can make a huge difference when you go looking for jobs.

You can have a fresh start

It is possible that your high school years weren’t the best and you are looking for a new start. Going to college will allow you to do just that and you can totally start over, whether it is academically or personally. I did the same. College can be a place where you reinvent yourself to be a better version of yourself.

College Can Change Your Life with friends that last a lifetime.

Friends that you make in college can last you a lifetime. Because the friends you make during your days in college will be special. As they are a part of your life when you stepped into the real world. If you are returning to college, it is still a place where you can make friends that will become a part of your life. These friends will hold a special place in your heart and they will look out for you. Also recommend you for jobs if there is one that would suit you. 

It will start a new family tradition(if it isn’t already).

Some of us come from immigrant families, and some people have parents that just couldn’t afford to take the time, out to finish their education. Due to the difficulties in their life or because of the cost of education. By going to college and finishing your further studies, you can set an example in the family. If you are thinking about not going to college because of financial difficulties, there are resources out there, that can help you pursue further studies if you want to. If you are the first one to go to college and finish your education. You will set an example for others in your family and make them want to do the same.

To explore new things

If you have always stayed in your shell, and have never experienced the outer world, or if you never had the time. College life is a great way to do that. When you go to college, not only can you take different classes to see what interests you, you can also do extracurricular activities and join clubs you have always wanted to. College is a great place to get involved in things you are passionate about. And also if you want to try something out of your comfort zone.

Pursuing higher education can lead you to live a happier life

Pew Research Center conducted a study on whether or not college life is worth it. They found that one’s satisfaction with education is linked to the level of education they complete. The higher the level of study, the more satisfied a person can be. 72% of people that finished their education at a 4-year college were “very satisfied” and 55% were “very satisfied” with their jobs.

College Can Change Your Life- Plan for it Now!

You must wondering how are you going to plan your studies amidst the pandemic . Here’s how you plan your degree. online If you think about it, those are some great reasons to go to college. I enjoyed my experience and I think you will too. However, I would also like to say that if you go to college. You have to fully embrace the experience for you to make the most out of it. Whether you are about to graduate high school or you are thinking about returning to finish your education. After a long time, I would tell you to just go to college. Don’t worry, we are right here to help you through the process.

So, go ahead and discover how colleges change your life. No wonder it a platform for you to be more independent. A few years down the line you will have a experience to share on how has college changed your life.

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