21 Side Hustles Ideas to Add $1000 to Your Monthly Budget | 2023

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If you have a goal of saving up more money, raising an amount for a future trip, or to simply having more to spend, side hustles are a great way of achieving your dream.

Below you can find the inspiration and resources for a large palette of part-time jobs that will allow you to raise the amount you wish. The best part is that you set up your time, schedule, and conditions, unlike a full-time job. And with more money, you’ll be able to organize your budget in a fun mode, not only in the usual survival mode.

Side Hustle Jobs

1. Make Deliveries

For this side hustle idea, you can use a car, a bicycle, or even the subway. You can join platforms like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, or Caviar. This side hustle is paid as an average job and also includes the customers’ tips.

As a delivery food driver, you can make an average of $47, 100 up to $61, 237 per year. (Data from Salary.com)

2. Become a Driver

Do you own a driver’s license? And if you like driving, even better. You can enroll in Lyft or Uber and start making the equivalent of a full-time salary with a part-time one.

As a driver, you can make an average of $37,926 up to $53,901 per year. (Data from Salary.com)

3. Be a Tutor

As side hustles from home, you can always opt for tutoring. It’s easy, fun, can take only one hour a day, and it’s something you’re good at. Sharing the things you love with others it’s always rewarding. And if you make money from it, even better.
To apply go to Learn to Be, TutorOnline, TeachersOn, TutorsOnline, etc. Some of the sites showed you can receive up to $50 per hour.

As a tutor, your salary can range from $24,000 to $39,000 a year. (Data from Zippia)

4. Teach a Language

Similar to tutoring, you can apply to different sites if you’re good with languages. If you can handle the grammar, spelling, and qualify for an A+ in that specific language, start earning on Preply (where you can make $3,500 monthly), Italki, VerbalPlanet, Cambly, or Verbling.

As a language tutor, you will make the same as the tutoring side hustle.

5. Be a User Tester

What does this actually mean? Big companies run on constant tests and upgrades in order to be always on top of the market. And they need you – to test apps, websites, and products. You can be a user experience tester on UserTesting, TryMata, Analysia, etc.

As a user tester, you can make $10 per test.

6. Proofread

Another way of rounding up your earnings is to offer your services for proofreading or copyediting. Go to sites like Scribendi, Scribbr, Proofreading Services, or Proofreading Pal. If you choose this side hustle, make sure to use tools like Grammarly or Spellchecker. The average hourly fee is $20.

As a proofreader, you can make from $11.39 up to $35 per hour (According to Indeed)

7. Transcribe

There are a lot of sites where you can do this side gig. Big companies usually outsource these jobs as they require patience and attention to detail. You can join Transcribe Anywhere, Scribie (earn between $5 to $20 per hour), Transcribe Me (offers between $15 & $20 per hour), while SpeechPad offers between $0,25 to $1 per minute.

On this side hustle you can make between $3 and $20 an hour, depending on your pace.

8. Become a Freelancer

With platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or Odesk you can do jobs for anything there is a demand for. By just creating an account you can start earning in the niche you are good at. They can be anything from serious jobs requesting a background in that specific niche, to goofing gigs for youtube or friends. The sky is the limit and the choice is yours.

Freelancing can bring you anywhere from $1000 up to $20,000 or more per month, depending on your skills and free time

9. Take Online Surveys

One simple side hustle idea from home is to take online surveys. You can do that directly from your mobile phone, and in your spare time, during breaks, or before going to bed. It takes 20-30 minutes per day and it can add to your monthly budget. Go to sites like Survey Junkie, Toluna Opinions, Shopper’s Voice, Survey Voices, My Points, Survey Cabin, or LifePoints.

This can help you make an extra couple of hundred when applied for multiple sites simultaneously

10. Become a Digital Assistant

There are many sites to choose from. FancyHands is a platform where you can do 15-20 minute tasks and be paid for them. 99dollarsocial concentrates on social media management and users are paid a flat amount per month. Indeed focuses on office work. If you prefer talking on the phone choose Vicky Virtual, while VANetworking is perfect for both beginners and experienced virtual assistants.

As a virtual assistant, you can earn from $14 to $42 an hour (Data from Indeed)

11. Babysit

Do you like children? Nothing simpler than applying to babysit for children in your town. You’ll have fun, have a few responsibilities, and also earn a consistent amount throughout the month. Join sites like SitterCity or Care. Make sure to have recommendations prepared, even from neighbors whose children you entertained. Additionally, you can plan activities for children – check sites like Zero to Three for inspiration.

Babysitting will bring you anywhere between $20,57 and $23,25, depending on the state you’re in (Data from Parents.com)

12. Doggy Walking & Pet Sitting

If you’re an animal lover, this job is perfect for you. If the owners are away on a trip you’ll be paid to enjoy their lovely pets and feed them, all while being paid. Doesn’t this sound like heaven?
And the payment is very good, being from $23 for a 15-minute visit up to $45 for a 60-minute visit. Subscribe to sites like Rover, Wag!, or PetSitUsa.

According to pawsathomecare, prices go from $23 to $45 per different amount of time.

13. Rent Out Storage Space

You can do this as a side hustle, and you even have a site for it. Neighbor connects you with people in need of extra space for storage. You can list your space for an average of $200 per month, depending on your area. From renting a garage you will earn between $100-$600 monthly, for a driveway between $50-$150, for a shed between $50-$200and for a parking space anywhere from $50 up to $300 per month.

Based on the site’s fees set by the owners, you can ask from $30 up to $600.

14. Rent Your Car

If you have a car and don’t always need it, you can always list it on Turo. The platform allows you to post a wide range of vehicles and the listing is totally free, but Turo deducts from 15% to 40% for each ride. Also, you can modify the price you rent your vehicle as many times as you wish. This might be the easiest side hustle so far related to the raport of work-earnings.

According to Ridester, a car owner makes between $500-$1000 a month

15. Join Focus Groups

This side hustle idea can bring you serious cash for your opinion. Survey Junkie is known for its surveys, but from time to time it conducts focus groups and product testing which are paid up to $74 an hour. UserInterviews is available internationally and pays you from $75 for 30 minutes up to $450 for different one-hour studies. Respondent can help you get from $50 to $250 and more for each research.

Earn between $50 and $450 per hour

16. Become a Blogger

If you start a blog you will have the chance to earn through affiliate marketing and AdSense. A successful blog can help you make $10,000 monthly and can go up to even $200,000 monthly – for experts. Meanwhile, the average bloggers make $45,000 annually, which is quite a profitable side gig.

On average, bloggers earn $45,000 a year, and can go to $200,000 a month for the best-paid bloggers

17. SEO Expert

By completing a course on SEO you will be able to offer your services to all kinds of companies. From site content to social media SEO. It’s the most profitable side hustle on our list, with earnings that start from $34,000 to $130,000 a year.

If you want to be certified in SEO, we made a list of over 50 sites that provide free accredited courses HERE.

The average a SEO specialist earns is $54,809 annually (Data from Builtin)

18. Run Facebook Ads

In the same way as the gig above, you can do a free course on Social Media Management and then provide your services on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Odesk. You can build your own site and promote your business on – social media itself.

In the USA a Social Media Manager earns an average of $60,000 annually. (Data from Glassdoor)

19. Start a Youtube Channel

And when I say that, I don’t mean to become an influencer and show your face. If you are passionate about a subject you can make descriptive vids on that subject, or if you prefer to talk with your audience, they’ll engage even more. There are endless ways to make videos. 1000 views will give a creator $18, while Google will pay him $55 for each $100 an advertiser spends.

The average a Youtube creator makes each month is $4,616 (Data from Influencermarketinghub)

20. Become an Amazon Seller

The site has unlimited potential for sellers. You can sell almost anything there and your earnings can vary from the amount of work you put into it. You can advertise your products on social media and Google to grow exponentially in a few months.
You can also try Etsy, as a second platform for this type of business.

Usually, an Amazon seller makes between $1000 to $25,000 a month (Data from Junglescout)

21. Become a Photographer

This is one of the best-paid side hustles, and it offers a great amount of freedom and creativity. If you want to improve your skills simply watch Youtube tutorials, there are literally thousands of free courses for portraits, fashion, nature & events photography. Then you can sell stock photos on places like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. You can sell prints on Squarespace or Fine Arts America. If you are a people person you can create workshops or lead tours by using platforms like Meetup.

Usually, an Amazon seller makes between $1000 to $25,000 a month (Data from Junglescout)

Tips on How to Start

Now that you have the ideas, you can choose the one that suits you best. In order to help you decide, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Decide what you like – To find out what side hustle you like best, you can try multiple and stick with the one that resonates with you the most. However, it’s recommended to start with one and take it step by step.
  • Open a Savings Account – Even if you want to invest the side hustle money into trips or other activities, it’s recomended to set aside a percentage to a savings account. This will help you collect a consistent amount which will later provide you with more financial freedom. If you want to learn more about how to budget your money, read this article.
  • Create a 5-year plan with your financial goals and make your side hustles your tools to achieve that.

Extra Side Gigs Ideas

Now that you have chosen your preferred skill and decided on what side hustle idea you want to implement, you can upgrade it into a business. No matter the selected niche, you can add multiple streams of money by:

  • Create your own course about the subject on Udemy or Skillshare
  • Write an ebook and sell it on Amazon. This side gig it’s an amazing source of continuous money flow, as you will write one book and be paid forever for it. The next ones will only add to your streams.
  • Promote your business or the best side hustle of your choice on social media. Youtube will pay you for the views and by growing it, business will come to you for affiliate marketing campaigns.

So make a plan and get started. Choose your most lucrative side hustle and do your magic. You’re only months away from earning a few extra thousand each month.

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