7 Less Known Ways to Save Money

We all read and heard a few tricks and tips on ways to save money by now. Make lists, prioritize some things over others, have clear goals of where you want to be in a year from now are only a few of them.

That’s why I want to share with you an even deeper level of how to save. A little secret learned from millionaires. They have the habit of saving, not spending, that’s how they multiply their fortunes. Millionaires keep track of every small purchase and are very organized, along their very busy schedules. Let’s find out the easy and smart steps that will help us save even more than we are currently doing it.

1. Receive Free Goodies

When it comes to saving money, becoming a tester might be one of the best presents you’ll make to yourself. Literally, because by subscribing to this kind of sites you will receive periodical free products which include anything from cosmetics, food, toiletries, etc. In other words everything a household needs to function properly. This is how you can save up to $150 each month.

The only thing you have to do in return is to use them and leave an honest review about how you feel about them. It’s a win-win situation, especially since you can subscribe to receive multiple boxes annually from the same company.

PRO TIP: You can subscribe to multiple freebies sites at once and save even more.

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2. Keep Track of Your Spending

All financial experts advised us to make lists of our monthly spending. When we note down everything we consume, it becomes crystal clear where we overspend and where we should tighten our belts.
While using the classical pen and paper might bore us and make us lose ourselves in a pile of papers in time, budgeting apps are our best friend when it comes to savings.

Just by installing a budgeting app you’ll be able to create goals, learn how to save, see where every penny goes to, and much more. Our choice is Mint, an app Forbes considers to be among the best apps.

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3. Save $500 on Your Car Insurance

Did you know most car insurances make you pay WAY over the amounts you could actually spend for your auto insurance? You could be spending up to $500 more on your overpriced insurance.

This site is the best tool to help you check if you are paying a fair price. Not only that it will show you all the offers available in your area so you could compare it to your current fee, but you won’t have to look for afordable insurance again because these are the lowest rates on the market. You can cancel your insurance anytime and you will be refunded.

Also, the site is completely free to use. Just enter your zip code here and find out how much you overspent by now. You’ll never search another auto insurance anywhere else but on this site.

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4. Side Jobs

One of the best ways to save money.. is to earn them. Many people can say that working a full 9-to-5 and taking care of the household can be exhausting enough to take another full or part-time job.
Here’s where they’re wrong. Earning extra cash has never been easier. Especially after the pandemic many companies have introduced more tech in their daily activities. These changes have brought many benefits to both the management team and their employees. More firms are allowing their staff to work remotely or from home.

This site is helping Americans find extra side jobs that can from full 8-12 hours per day to tasks that last up to 3-4 hours each weekend.

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5. Get Cash Back on Your Receipts

Another great way to save is to make smart choices. We cannot limit ourselves to only buying the essentials we need. No matter how strict our budget is, we cannot help it to treat ourselves with a shopping spree once in a while.

But that’s perfectly ok and with the next app you’ll be glad for every purchase you do. This amazing app is helping you get cash back for any kind of shopping. You’ll receive rewards and a percent of the amount you spent from Amazon, Walmart, Home Goods to literally any virtual retailer.
So, what are you waiting for? Try this money-back app right now, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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6. Unclaimed Assets

In USA alone there are over $58 billion in unclaimed funds. This site is a perfect example on how to claim money by completing a simple form.
Among the assets there are unclaimed IRS checks, undelivered payroll checks, and funds left behind in savings, checking, and security deposit accounts. All of these funds are now accessible for you.

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7. Find Financial Assistance Programs

If your household is on a lower income, you can definitely try government and private programs. They will assist you with consistent funds and help you put yourself back on your feet.

You can check if you qualify for these programs which are created to help a wide range of Americans, from lower incomes to veterans, seniors, and many other categories. This site is free to use and by completing a 3-minute-form you’ll see where you fit.


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