Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022

Best car insurance companies of 2022
As in most of US auto coverage is mandatory, any car owner should know about what choices he has regarding the annual insurance payments he must make. On the other hand, there are many advantages of having a car insurance. It will protect you and your family members from paying medical costs, expensive damages or high legal fees. 

That’s why we made a thorough research and made our top 7 of best car insurance companies of 2022. Furthermore, we added 4 scores for each of them and described the essential key features they provide to assist you in choosing the company that will best suit your needs.

best car insurance companies
Cost 90%
Features 95%
Easy to use 90%
Services 95% is an online platformed owned by Assurance IQ, LLC,  a fully licensed car insurance agency. The company is located in Bellevue, Washington and is certified by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with a +A rating. 
The site was created as a response to people’s need to quickly find auto insurances which they can instantly compare. The different policy coverage options and fees are given based on a quick survey. 


As a plus, the site is built so that the questions leading to the different personalized offers are very to answer. The results come with a comparison form.  


Quotes SCAN

Best car insurance companies
Cost 85%
Features 90%
Easy to use 90%
Services 95%

Compared to the first company, QuotesSCAN has even a friendlier and more personalized interface. Based in US, it was created to help people scan through thousands of offers. 

Based on the Symantec analysis, it’s one of the most secure sites from this domain. This is one of the reasons QuotesSCAN is on our best car insurance companies of 2022 list.

 Further, by completing a short questionnaire you will be taken to their most suitable quotes based on your needs. 

Provide Insurance

best car insurance companies
Provide Insurance
Cost 85%
Features 95%
Easy to use 90%
Services 95%

Provide Insurance is an online platform created and owned by EverQuote, Inc.,  a US tycoon owning multiple insurance companies. EverQuote operates multiple brads from life insurance savings to homeownership. Together, all these companies are collectively designated as “America’s largest insurance marketplace” with millions of users. 

Everquote was lauched in 2008 by Tomas Revesz and Seth Birnbaum, under the name AdHarmonics. They later rebranded the business as EverQuote in 2011, after creating the first online insurance marketplace. Their success in all their brands consists in their transparent procedures and affordable insurance options. 

ProvideInsurance is one of their most successful businesses. It has been recommended by Country Financial, American Family Insurance, Progressive & other financial or insurance oriented news outlets. 

Among reviews we chose to share Jaymee H’s opinion: “The site worked well for me. I was satisfied with my new insurance policy, which is $75 cheaper per month. It was an easy process, I didn’t really have to do a lot, I just had to fill up my information.”


Insured Way

best car insurance companies
Cost 90%
Features 85%
Easy to use 90%
Services 95% is a site launched in November 2018 in the financial sector and the auto insurance niche. Regarding its safety, the platform is confirmed to be very safe, based on a 50-factors test. On CuteStat scores a 4,38 out of 5 stars, making it a searched and trustworthy platform. 

How does the site work? It’s design is minimalist, making it easy to use. By adding your zip code, you will be conducted through an easy questionaire whose purpose is to help you receive the best quotes. You can save up to $500 per year.  


Pedal to Metal Insurance
Cost 90%
Features 85%
Easy to use 90%
Services 85%

Compared to the other sites, has the advantage or having to options to receive the auto coverage policies quotes: by completing a survey online or by directly calling the agency.  

The site appeared in online news outlets like Travelers, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual Insurance, etc, making it one of the most popular in our list. 

The platform presents all the advantages of previous sites and we highly recommend it to get your cheaper quotes. As a point of difference, it might be worth mentioning the innovative, Fast&Furious design which makes the scrolling and survey much more fun.  

Not to mention that it takes less than 3 minutes to complete and the quotes can save the car owner up to $569 per year.


best car auto insurance
Cost 90%
Features 85%
Easy to use 95%
Services 90% has the most features that’s why it’s one of our favorite from our best car insurance companies list. The design is very professional and there are three ways of getting your quotes: by completing the survey, calling the agency or contacting them via email. 

Their coverage options are divided into three categories. In its service Olive included an “Extended warranty solutions 101″ program, as an in-depth buyer’s guide to help its potential customers make informed decisions.

As recognition, was named “Official Auto Mechanical Breakdown Coverage Partner of the NHL” and “Official Auto Mechanical Breakdown Partner of the Anaheim Ducks and the Honda Center”.

Olive also has partnered with ConsumerAffairs and is one of the most trustworthy car insurance coverage policy quotes on the market. 

Rate Magician
Cost 95%
Features 95%
Easy to use 85%
Services 90%

Our last but not least recommendation is This site is a very user friendly option to get your auto coverage quotes through 3 simple steps. 

It offers three main services: 
– find auto insurance companies in your area
– compare the insurance policies for you 
– connect you with licensed agents. 

By using this site you will be able to save up to 30% of your annual auto insurance. Try it now for free. 

Now you have all the tools you need to start saving serious cash. By choosing a site from our best car insurance companies of 2022 list, you’ll be sure you will save up to $500. With the advantage that you can cancel your current policy for free and choose your favorite company, as you’ll be refunded with the extra payments you did on the previous one. 


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