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The times when you had to do classes that lasted for years are long gone. Thanks to the constant change in tech-related industries, now you can opt for free online courses that can be done in your own time, and after your own schedule. Usually, this kind of classes can be costly for someone who is at the beginning of his career or who wishes to upgrade their position at work.

This is why we found for you sites with amazing free online classes that are guaranteed to upgrade your skills. In this era you don’t even need a paper to prove what you know, a portfolio is enough. And with these sites at hand, you will be able to achieve any dream you had.


Udemy is amazing due to 2 main reasons. It firstly allows both teachers and people wanting to learn new skills to enroll to the site. Secondly, the ones who are creating the classes can choose if they want to gain a bigger audience by posting free classes, or if they want to earn money by setting a fixed submission.

That’s why you will be able to find a mixed combination of both free and paid classes. The best part? There are over 10 000 free courses in all domains and each teacher has a visible range of ranking, from 1 to 5 stars. You are also able to see how many students have followed a certain course.

And talking about anything, maybe you didn’t know that you can find full-on classes. For free, of course. You can get a full 20-hour-long class about IT, design, web design, painting, or anything you would like.


 One of the best platforms for free classes is edX. It offers certified courses for a wide range of disciplines from architecture, communication, computer science, chemistry, data science, engineering, and many more.

What’s a bonus on this site compared with others of this type is that it offers a weekly subject sequence. You will find a video with exercises. edX also provides an online discussion forum where teaching assistants can answer to any questions related to the classes.

Khan Academy

This website is an absolute gem. You can find extensive courses for pre-k, high schoolers, college students, and more on almost any subject. All classes are free, and as a strategy, they have a donate option in order to keep the site up.

The subjects are broken down into short video lessons, so if a student wishes to learn about a specific area from the lesson, it would be easy for him to access and study it.


Everyone who has access to the world wide web has used Youtube. No matter if it was for tutorials, news, makeup advice, how-to videos, up to building tutorials, you can learn almost anything there.

A few of our favorite free online courses on Youtube are:
Beginners Guide to Graphic Design – a 45-episodes class on design
FREE Web Design Course: Introduction to Web Design – a 19-episodes class by Flux Academy
MIT Finance Course – by MIT OpenCourseWare


Here you will find one of the largest databases for university courseware from 16 different universities. Can you imagine? Following the same classes the Stanford, Princeton, Duke, etc students are taking, but for free.

This is why the site is known to be the best online free courses platform for free university learning. What’s different from the other sites is that the classes are at a set time and can last between 10 and 14 weeks.

Academic Earth

One of the best free online courses sites for college is definitely Academic Earth. It’s centered around education opportunities from 13 prestigious universities with the possibility of obtaining degrees too. They supply many resources like videos and courses to users with numerous options for learning.

The site is easy to navigate and all educational areas are separated into distinct clear tabs on the main menu. They also have the option of checking what free classes each of the universities is offering. Therefore any area of interest can be easily and rapidly found through each of these 2 ways.


Another impressive platform offering over 4000 free courses is Alison. They offer diplomas for all their courses so it’s guaranteed to help you get the job you aim for. Their main categories are IT, Health, Language, Business, Management, English, Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Construction, and Teaching & Academics. However, for those wanting to get a certificate fastly and start working in US or abroad, there are classes like Caregiving, Dementia Care, Teaching Music or Mare, and more.

These are our top favorites, but if you wish to see other sites that host free online courses, you can check the following list, placed in alphabetical order (or below, by subjects):

Academy Hubspot

Blog Hubspot (46 marketing courses)
Brigham Young Free Online Courseware
Capilano University
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
Connections Academy
Course Buffet
e-Learning Center
Free Online Courses (funded by the UK Government)
Free World U
Future Learn
GCF LearnFree
General Assembly

Google Certifications
Google Code University
Gresham College
K-12 (free program offered by the US Government)
Kendal College
Kutztown On-Demand Online Learning
Learning Space: The Open University
LinkedIn Learning
Master Class Management
New York University
Notre Dame Open Courseware
Online School Center
Open UW
Pluralsight (for individuals & teams)
Stanford on iTunes U
Textbook Revolution (site run by students)
TU Delft
Tufts Open Courseware
United Nations University
University of Michigan Open
University of the People
USQ Australia Open Courseware
Utah State Open Courseware
Webcast Berkeley

These free online courses can really change your future. You can search the classes you want to learn about, get accredited or just improve your skills by subjects:

Taught by Universities

Course Buffet
United Nations University
University of Michigan Open
University of the People
USQ Australia Open Courseware
Utah State Open Courseware
Webcast Berkeley

It & Coding

Code Academy – All Courses
General Assembly
Google Code University
Free Code Camp


Blog Hubspot
Master Class Management
Skillshare – Copywriting
Udemy – Copywriting | Top FREE Writing Tools & Hacks
Quintly – Social Media Analytics
Hubspot Academy – SEO
Udemy – SEO by Moz
Yoast – SEO Basics
Hubspot Marketing – General Tips
Udemy – Email Marketing for Beginners
Neil Patel – Email Marketing

Learn a Language







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