9 ways live a debt free life

Amidst the pandemic, we all are accustomed to change in our lives. You must not only be ready to face challenges but also prepare for it. So, Managing your lifestyle to have a debt-free life is something we all desire. 

But, what exactly do you mean by adapting a lifestyle to eliminate debts? It means you must work on our habits to spend money and watch for losses. To make smart choices in life, to live a debt-free life. 

debt free life
debt free life

Create a budget- debt free life

So, creating a budget helps you with many things. You must maintain a budget to track your investment. Creating a budget is overwhelming. However, it is essential for you to prepare a budget. There are many budget apps and software for you to plan a budget. Creating a budget is going to help you measure what you are spending.

Personal capital

It is standard for someone who wants to track cash flow, net worth, and track investments. So, It helps you segregate your expenses in various categories, which makes it easy to distinguish among relevant and less relevant ones. Through personal capital, you can track your future expenses, and it also includes a unique retirement tool. 


It is more specific to track for personal finances, for the newbies to track their expenses. Therefore, mint not only traces your debts but also helps you to create a budget (for which it is famous). The best part is you get free credit scores. It asks you to connect your bank accounts with it and suggests the budget, and the different categories in the budget also tell you how much you have spent and saved.


So, we forget or find it hard to maintain or manage according to the budget. Therefore, this for those who set it and forget it. Linking your bank account with Albert, it analyses your income, spending, and overall financial health. It automatically transfers the amount to its saving, and if your approach is to save more, you can change settings with the Alberts facilities. It also rewards the account holder for saving money.

Clarity: Money

It not only specializes in budgeting but also saving. So, just like other apps, you need to link your bank accounts with it to enjoy all the facilities. It helps you track recurring expenses like OTT memberships, gym expenses, and track reduction or expansion in your budget. Clarity Money benefits you avoid those unwanted accounts that charge your wallets

Passive income

 Remember, there are several other ways for you to spend on shopping. Coupons, gift cards, cash rewards are some passive incomes you can use to purchase. Many apps allow you to make money by filling surveys. 

Swag bucks

 This is a survey site where you need to fill surveys and earn cash rewards, gift cards by filling surveys. Swag bucks are free to join and have different ways to earn money.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel 

It is super easy to use, you only need to download it and that’s it. The best service for passive income. The company provides many exciting giveaways. 

Greenwise debt relief is an option for you to get out of debt and save your money. Go ahead and get rid of debt now.


Holding great gratitude to embrace this change, to eliminate debt is all you need. Learn to be happy with what you have and be grateful for it. You need to learn the art of management for this.

Make more money- debt free life

Well, this is something we all want. The world is changing, so are things around, you need to have your income exceedingly just like your expectations. This will not only provide security, but contentment to live a happy life. Look for opportunities that expand your income.

debt free life
debt free life

Buy long-term

Before purchasing anything, it is essential to keep the long-term goal in mind. It not only saves repairing costs but also enables you to save money. Look at our warranty guide to know the best ways to buy long-term

Debts only for liabilities

Only prefer debts for huge liabilities. Try to not prefer debt as an option to satisfy your assets and needs. Except it is a big investment in your home. (Will ADD an INVESTMENT HOUSE OFFER) 

Adjust your lifestyle- to debt free life

To maintain your lifestyle also means keeping your social life into consideration. It is expensive, and you need to monitor all the activities. However, eliminating debt does not mean you need to cut in social life, but finding better ways to socialize with your loved ones.

Avoid credit cards- to debt free life

Don’t let your credit card exceed additional fees to your account. If you have credit card debts worry not we have a solution for you. Every step here helps you to live a debt-free life.

Keep an eye on your wardrobe

 You shop more when you get great deals and offers. But during such times, holding an eye on the wardrobe is important. Ever heard of a capsule wardrobe, a super creative way to design your wardrobe.

Use coupons to have a debt free life

Buy your groceries using the best coupons app and get great deals and offers. Also, know how to make smart choices while shopping. Wondering how to save on groceries, worry we have our guide for you to shop smarter and better.

Keep an eye on your spending

Know your weakness, where do you overspend? Are your credit card details added on your phone, which tempts you to shop more? Making a simple change with such a small thing can add a huge difference to have a debt-free lifestyle.

Simple debt free life is possible!

Many of you are questioning how difficult this could be to manage. But, as it is said, “permanent comes with permanent results”. You can adapt thousands of other ways to eliminate debt from your life, but one thing that remains common is the willingness to accept the change in life. It could be as simple as carrying a bag for shopping, but it is still important. There are many paths you can have a debt-free life, but it all depends on the smart choice you make.

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