Freebies Alert 2023: Receive Free Stuff from these Companies

Freebies Alert 2023: Receive Free Stuff

We all like receiving free stuff. It feels like a celebration when we haven’t paid for the items. But, besides the endorphins and enthusiasm they activate in us, there’s a more useful purpose for them.
Anyone who has learned the art of budgeting knows that free stuff can seriously cut off expenses. No matter how much your household makes, they can help you save up to a few thousand per year if you know all the secret sites and apps that will periodically send you free stuff.

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What are Actually Freebies and Why are Companies Sending Them?

Any company that sells products has its own way of doing marketing. Some of them prefer to send boxes of freebies and samples to the customers that ask for them, in the idea that a percent of them would later become customers.
People who like to save on household monthly items can take advantage of this trick and order from multiple companies. This way they can receive anything from detergent, soap, shampoo, baby diapers, and much other free stuff.

Get it Free

This company will send you a lot of free goodies just by answering a short survey regarding the products you prefer. Among their free box, you can receive detergents, aliments, kitchen utensils, paper towels, plastic recipients and so on. From brands like Tide, Pyrex, Swiffer, Charmin, Kitchen Aid, etc.
You don’t need to insert your card details or make any purchases in order to get your free stuff delivered to your mail. They say their supplies are limited so you can try applying as fast as possible.

Daily Goodie Box

Similarly, this firm will send you different cleaning products and other free stuff, on top of which they will add drugstore items such as Theraflu or Advil. Also, the products are in full sizes, not just samples.
All you have to do in order to receive more at their next offer is to share with them your opinion on each of the products.

Enfamil – $400 Worth of Baby Products

When signing up for this program, you will receive a box of baby products worth $400. Plus you’ll have the chance to win free baby formula for a year.

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Similac Strong Moms

In the same way, Similac has created a program named Similac Strong Moms where you can receive products and coupons worth $400.

I Love Samples

By just typing your email you will receive a list with samples available for you to be sent to your door. It’s that simple, and by requesting samples periodically, you can save up months worth of household products per year.

Free Samples Pro

This is another good site to receive a wide range of free samples. From household items to bathroom or kitchen products & utensils.

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Walmart Beauty Box

An amazing makeup box including famous brand names that will complete your makeup, hair, and self-care collection. You only have to pay for the shipping, which is $6.98. The best part? Walmart can send you this box each season, 4 times a year.

Bzz Agent

This site is collaborating with all kinds of renown brands and will send you products based on your interests. All you have to do is share your opinion about them. You can receive free expensive items from brands such as Lancome or Armani. Moreover, you will choose exactly the domains you’re interested in – such as fashion, cooking, fitness, gardening, music, etc – and receive the products you’re interested in.

Vocal Point

This survey site will reward your opinions with free products, samples, gift cards, and more. You will become a product tester and receive different free items on which you will share your perspective.

Cash Back Apps

Another way of receiving free stuff is to receive directly a percent of the money you spent on purchases. Let’s say you periodically buy stuff from Amazon, Shein, Target, and other companies. These apps have collaborations with thousands of stores and while they take a commission from any purchase you make from their link from the stores, they will share it with you up to 50%.
This way you can get from 2-3% up to even 10% back from what you paid for the item.
A great advantage is that if the items are already discounted, this cash-back option won’t affect the discount, but will be added on top of it.
Some cash-back apps can take a few days to send you the percent into your account, while some will take 30 to 45 days, as in their contracts they will receive the commissions at the end of the month and send your part after.

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One of the most popular cashback apps is Coin Out which is known for its 2018 Shark Tank brilliant way of presenting its idea. CoinOut is a free app for iOS and Android devices that allows users earn cashback for uploading their receipts. Basically, all you need to do is shop like you normally do, snap a picture of your receipt, upload it on the app and you will receive a percentage back.
It also functions as a digital wallet, making you aware of all your spending and tracking your loose change, so you could make the most of each of your pennies.
You have three options for your cash-back money. You can receive them directly in your bank account, opt for gift cards, or via your Paypal account. At the end of the year, you can find yourself with up to a few hundred back, just by using this kind of cash-back apps.

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