Are you a Student? Here’s How to Make Money as Fast as Lightning

how to make money online as a student

Being a student means lots of deadlines, sleepless nights (let’s say only because of studying), and a huge fee for college tuition, but it comes with its benefits too. Though the classes take a lot of time, you can surely take advantage of the free time. To make money. Fast and easy money.

Let’s explore what ideas could bring you easy cash, from inside or outside your home.

How to Make Money Online

Firstly, you have the option of doing everything from the comfort of your own couch or bed, by using your laptop. There are multiple ways of making easy cash and we’ll share the easiest with you.

Money Making Apps

There are multiple ways of making money with apps. We’ll split them into two categories:

  • Easy money – Complete surveys and install multiple apps at once so you could have multiple streams at once and at the end of the month have a larger amount. Opt for apps and sites like USA Survey Pro, CashApp, Top Surveys Today, they’re the best.
    With sites like these, you can make from a few dozen up to $100-200 monthly, by just scrolling and answering a few questions from your mobile, before bed.
  • The Big Money Makers – A great way to secure your future and start earning is to learn how to invest as soon as possible. While it might seem complicated and you might think you can start after college, there are apps that will do everything for you. From teaching you how to start, from seeing what expert investors do on the app and copy their moves, to simulation options so you would learn without investing a penny.
    Explore apps like Acorns, Bitcoin Prime, or Bitcoin System.

Do Simple Tasks

There are sites that will pay you by just doing a few simple tasks. From drawing boxes around different objects to writing keywords like the material of a piece of clothing for example, it’s something you can do in your breaks to make some pocket change. Try sites like Remotasks, Spare 5, Course Hero, etc.

SECRET TIP: On the other hand, you can use apps that link you to people who need cleaning or groceries in your area and you’ll be paid through the app. Go to TaskRabbit to try it.

Be a Virtual Assistant

Another smart way of being hired but in your own time and conditions is to be an online assistant. Sites like Clickworker or Fiverr will offer you multiple choices. On these sites also, you can choose what kind of tasks you wish to perform and how many hours you are available.

How to Make Money from Home

Sell Your Old or Unused Clothes

As easy as it looks, they could bring you from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. How do you do it?
Simple. Go through all your clothes and see which ones you won’t wear again, or the ones that just “don’t spark joy” anymore, after the Marie Condo method. After seeing the pile you gathered make cute pictures to each.

PRO TIP: Search items on Pinterest for inspiration on how to arrange them in an attractive way. A good inviting picture will boost the amount people are willing to spend on that piece of clothing.

Now comes the fun part. You can choose one or all the platforms available to start selling. List them on ebay or amazon, but also on Facebook Market, where they’re visible to people in your town and state. You can also create a Facebook Page or Instagram account especially for selling your clothes and it can become a regular thing. Make sure to write the sizes and the accurate state of the clothing, if it’s new or worn, and a 9/10 condition for example. People appreciate honesty more than anything and will come back to buy more if you create a trustworthy connection from the start. More than that, you can make more customers by giving small discounts to people who tell their friends about your page and buy from you.

Get Creative

Do you have a skill or passion? Let’s put it into practice and get money out of it.

Do you like drawing, doing calligraphy, origami, crocheting, handmade soaps, candles, or something else? Literally anything you like doing as a hobby can be transformed into a money-making machine. Not necessarily to transform you into a billionaire (just yet), but to help you support yourself throughout college.

Just start doing that skill and create pages and social media accounts for that product or service you’re offering. Start promoting it like at the point above and you’ll get clients in no time.

PRO TIP: Make sure to ask for some reviews and publish them on your pages, it’s a proven tactic to make people trust new businesses faster.

Be a Tutor

Are you good at math, piano, drawing, science, or even sports like basketball or football? Make a business out of it. Get an interesting name for it, make a page, and promote it. Make flyers and share them locally. Explain that you are a student looking to make more money to pay your bills and you’re offering your services to kids. Parents will love to have their children become better at a certain subject or simply have them off their minds for a few hours while playing with you.

PRO TIP: You can add the possibility of babysitting if this is what you want to do. By adding this service you might get offers that will have you paid a full-time salary by just babysitting a few hours after your classes or during the weekends. In any way, there’s cash for you to earn.

Extra Tips for Saving Money for Students

Before starting to earn money, it’s essential to learn how to manage your budget, as early as you can. This will help you become disciplined and in complete charge of your finances.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Firstly, if you made a loan to enroll in college, there’s a student gov aid program that will simply erase a part of your loan. The national student aid program is called the Biden…. and can be accessed here. At the present moment it’s been paused and might take quite a while until it will be active again. Until then, you can check your official state’s programs and see if you qualify for any of their student aid programs.

However, if you want a quicker resolution a brilliant option is to opt for student loan forgiveness from debt relief companies. They will negotiate the amount you have to pay with the bank, help you reorganize your monthly payments in order to help you get rid of debt faster, and totally erase a part of your loan. They take a commission on that, of course, but finally, they’ll help you erase up to 50% of your loan and help you pay it completely in 1 up to 2 years.

In order to help you understand better your options we covered in detail different aspects of the student aid you can benefit from. Check the articles below:
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Student Discounts

While being in college you can enjoy a lot of student discounts from meal offers to tickets to concerts, museums, movies, transportation and so much more. Simply google the options you have available in your town and download discount apps to take advantage of what you can obtain at better prices while being in college.

The ball is now in your court. You decide what you want to do. Do you want to use your creativity in learning how to make money as a student? Or would you rather perform tasks or micro jobs to have extra cash for concerts? Would you prefer to do groceries for people in your town? The choices are endless. And remember, the power is always in your hands and you can make thousands if you stay focused and persist in doing the tasks you have chosen.

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