How to Pick the Best Health Insurance Plan? Here’s the Solution

How to pick the best health insurance plan? Here's the solution

Health Insurance is very important to hedge the risk of medical expenses. Sometimes a single visit to the hospital can destabilize the whole financial planning of the family. If an employer-sponsored health insurance plan does not cover you, you should get one as soon as possible. But, when you search for how to pick the best health insurance plan, many search results will only overwhelm you and increase the confusion. We have created this post to help you understand it in simple, easy steps. 

First and very importantly, you will have to find health insurance on your own if you are,

● Unemployed

● Part-time worker

● Self-employed or freelancer

● Young adult and turned 26 

Part-time jobs rarely provide health insurance benefits. If you are self-employed or a freelancer but your spouse is covered by employer-sponsored health insurance, then you can get benefits through your spouse. But you will have to find health insurance if that’s not the case.

As a young adult, you can get health insurance coverage under your parent’s health plan until you turn 26, as per the affordable care act of 2010. But you will have to manage independently after completing 26.

In all these cases, it is your responsibility to choose health insurance plan to protect your income and savings. If you are one of the people mentioned above, this post will help you.

We will cover all your doubts so that you can choose a health insurance plan with clarity. First, we will discuss various types of health insurance plans and how they work. Then we will discuss health insurance coverage types and how you can get suitable health insurance deals.

After reading this post, we promise that you will have a complete idea about different types of health insurance, and which is the best for you. So, let’s get started.

What are the types of health insurance?

how to pick the best health insurance plan

Insurance planning is integral to finance planning, and one must have enough insurance coverage for life and health. As here we are discussing how to choose health insurance, first, you should have a clear idea about various types of health insurance. Then only you can differentiate between them and find which one is suitable for you.

There are four major health insurance types in the market. These are managed health insurance plans connected with medical facilities and healthcare service providers.

The cost of each health insurance plan depends on the network coverage. The smaller the network coverage, the more affordable the insurance plan. For larger network coverage, you need to invest more in health insurance.

So, here are four major types of health insurance plans:

HMO – House Maintenance Organization

HMOs, provide health insurance services to all insured people through a network of healthcare service providers who are connected with HMOs. As it provides healthcare services within the network, its premiums are the cheapest among all plans. But you may or may not avail service of your preferred doctor as services are limited.

EPO – Exclusive Provider Organization

In the EPO plan, you can get treatment from healthcare service providers within a network, just like in the HMO plan. But in EPO, there are exceptions for emergencies as you can avail of service from out-of-the-network service providers in such cases.

In EPO plans, you are required to choose a personal care physician for all the primary treatments. But if you need to visit any specialists, you can consult with them without a referral from the primary physician.

PPO – Preferred Provider Organization

As the name suggests, it is a network of preferred healthcare service providers. So, if you buy a PPO plan, you can avail yourself of healthcare services within the network.

The advantage of this plan is that healthcare service providers are part of this value chain. So you can get medical treatments at cheaper rates within the network.

The PPO plan is flexible. You are at liberty to receive medical treatment outside the network. But it comes at a higher cost.

POS – Point of Service Plan

POS plans are a hybrid of HMO and PPO plans. It provides both in-network and outside-network services. The advantage of POS is that it provides the benefits of outside network service at cheaper rates than PPO plans.

Here are some other affordable and supplementary health insurance options that you can consider along with the main plan.

● You can purchase affordable health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act if qualified. Make sure to check deductibles, total out-of-pocket costs, and coverage of diseases before purchasing one.

● But, if you are not eligible for ACA plans and looking for suitable plans or switching jobs, you can consider buying short-term plans to get short-term coverage until you get the health insurance plan.

● If you wish to secure your emergency deductibles, you can purchase fixed indemnity plans. They supplement your existing health insurance plan. Suppose you had to take emergency care and have a higher deductible in your current health insurance plan for visiting emergency care. If a fixed indemnity plan covers you, you can pay that deductible and get reimbursement after submitting the receipt. Do not forget to check your eligibility, as this plan covers selected treatments only.

● You can consider cost-sharing plans. It is not a health insurance plan like a fixed indemnity plan and supplements your health insurance. Cost-sharing plans, also called community plan, is a pool of money created with the help of people in the community. It helps its members reduce their out-of-pocket costs whenever the need arises.

All the plans mentioned above are good supplements to reduce the cost of your existing health insurance plans and get full coverage. We would reiterate reading all the terms and conditions before purchasing them. 

Health Insurance Coverage Types

There are two kinds of health insurance coverage: in-network coverage and out-of-network coverage.

In HMO and EPO, your health insurance covers services within your network. So, they find the best medical facilities nearby within the network.

Out-of-network coverage is provided in PPO and POS, but it costs more.

When selecting a health insurance plan, always check to see if your preferred doctor or hospital is covered in the network.

How can I get health insurance now?

You must consider getting one as you are now aware of the different types and coverages of health insurance plans. So, we will discuss how you can get health insurance now.

If you are not covered by employer-sponsored health insurance, then go directly to the state or federal marketplace. Enter your zip code, and your state’s health insurance plans will be suggested. You can also visit a private marketplace or directly reach out to the insurance company.

But before you make any transactions there, make sure that you have researched well on the following topics:

● The network matters a lot in health insurance. It directly impacts your cost. So, check your local network to see how many healthcare facilities are connected to your health insurance. Whether your preferred doctor is in-network or not.

● If you do not have a preferred doctor or live in a remote area, then opt for a larger network to avail more healthcare options.

● Also, check if in-network doctors are available in your locality before picking any plans.

● Check your out-of-pocket costs like premiums, copay, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Select the insurance plan after studying these points. You can also seek help from insurance professionals to better understand the various health insurance products.

Choosing health insurance is now convenient with technology

You can easily choose the most suitable health insurance plans from private health insurtech companies like, which has been serving the health insurance industry for more than a decade in America.

Remember that there is no one-size-fit health insurance solution when you buy insurance. Every person and family is unique, so their insurance requirement must be fulfilled with customized solutions. leverage the latest technology like data science, AI, and machine learning to understand your specific insurance requirement. It provides customized health insurance solutions.

Insurance planning made simple with online insurance market places

You can find all types of plans like affordable care act plans, short-term plans, fixed indemnity plans, and cost-sharing plans on the reliable online insurance marketplace like rates. healthcare. You need to provide your zip code, and you will be suggested the nearest health insurance provider. connects buyers with insurance services and suggests the best available deals in your budget. 


That’s all about how to choose a health insurance plan. We have covered different types of health insurance, coverages, and steps to buy health insurance. Online marketplaces are the best for choosing a suitable health insurance plan, but you should first research different plans and your requirements well. You can take the help of finance experts to assess your requirement and suitable plans as they have expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to choose health insurance plan from an employer?

It is good if your employer provides you with health insurance. But make sure you know what type of insurance you have chosen, like HMO, EPO, POS, etc. It will determine your in-network and out-of-network coverage. 

Also, make yourself aware of the premium cost, copay, and deductibles, and compare the plans per your family’s requirements. You can ask your employer for more details if you are unaware of any.

How to pick the best health insurance plan?

Choosing health insurance is very complicated and confusing when you have so many options available in the market.

Keep in mind the following factors when picking the best health insurance plan:

● Number of dependents in your family

● Cost of the health insurance plan and your income

● Insurance coverage, in-network, and out-of-network coverage facilities

● Copay and deductible terms

● Medical history of your family.

Take the help of professional insurance planners for more guidance.

Can I buy health insurance on my own?

If you are not covered by an employer-sponsored health insurance plan or are not covered by your spouse or parents, then you should buy health insurance on your own.

You can visit a state or federal health insurance marketplace to buy health insurance. Or visit financial planners to get guidance regarding suitable health insurance plans.

Do I need health insurance?

Yes, health insurance is as important as life insurance. You might be aware of the increasing cost of healthcare. A single visit to the doctor or a medical emergency can put you in financial distress if you are not covered by health insurance. It protects your income and savings from uncertain medical expenditures. So, everyone needs enough health insurance coverage for their families.

What to look for in health insurance?

You should look for types of health insurance, their network coverage, premium costs, copays, and deductibles. Apart from that, you can compare the premiums of different health insurance plans.

Some private health insurance companies provide good coverage for minimum premiums. Some private health insurance options are more affordable than your employer-sponsored insurance plans.

Take your time comparing health insurance products or seek the advice of health insurance experts in selecting the best product.

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