How to Save Money On Groceries.

Easy ways to save money on groccery

Saving money on groceries is the main portion of the budget. You cannot avoid eating a healthy diet, but cannot deny the fact grocery shopping is expensive. You also cannot overlook how grocery shopping is unpredictable, and there is no doubt you think twice before buying something expensive. So, are you wondering How to Save Money On Groceries and essentials? You are at the right place!

Well, that’s good you should also keep in mind how to make the best use of their money. You must accept food is something which you should not compromise on. National Resource Connect is here to give some ways to save money on groceries.

Considering the situation today, many people are cooking at home. The grocery budget may not only be replaced but must have increased. The money, which you spend on the food outside, is now included in your grocery shopping. However, adopting some smart ways will not only help you save money but will offer you some best deals and offers.

What if you get to save money when shopping? Yes, it is possible if you adopt some tricks and measures.

Here are some list of apps to save money on groceries:

Remember, you use phones for many purposes and you can use it to get some great offers too. You have so many coupons and offers available online to shop at the best price while going to buy groceries.

Here are some majors steps you should take to save a little more while buying groceries. Never be afraid to use coupons. Yes, we ignore it or believe it is a tedious task to use them. But you should not forget about the benefits.

Lets look at some services- How to Save Money On Groceries.


It is not only a coupon-based service but also allows you to get cashback on purchases ranging from 1% to 40% considering the retailer, but the average cashback rate is usually between 3% and 10%.

By linking your credit card account to Rakuten, you get cashback from 30 stores when you shop in person. It also has a discount code section on its website where you can use those codes to reduce your amount. Over 2000 retailers take part are available here.


 Ibotta a traditional method of couponing. Here you earn cashback on your purchase at most grocery retailers. You can book travel, book online, or pay through the app to earn cashback and discounts. It has coupons available for all groceries regardless of their brand.

You also get many coupons on non-grocery items like a clothing brand, restaurants, and gas stations when you scan the receipt with your smartphone. Before visiting any grocery stores, you can enable the digital coupon to receive the cashback. Ibotta is considered the friendliest grocery shopping app. 


Is a coupon app which helps you save money in grocery stores over 100 taking part retailer chains and 7 million users. Some stores allow you to link your loyalty card to your saving star account. Saving star is also liked because it gives you a lot of extra cash rewards. 

It enables you to link coupons to your grocery store’s loyalty card. They also have coupon codes available with retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Shutterfly to save money online. It has digital coupons and printable coupons both. 


 It allows an individual to earn points called “kicks” when you do online or offline shopping. Once you receive kicks, you can redeem them on various stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon by saving your money on orders at the places already shopped.

You can go online to get points by watching videos, viewing products on-site or offline stores. Though it is not necessary to buy that product however, the purpose is to spend more time in the store. It is best to get rewards. It is available for both IOS and android.


It automatically credits your account when you buy from a specific brand. It is convenient for those who don’t change their brands as a limited brand is available, easy to use. You take a picture of the receipt. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

To save money on groceries
To save money on groceries

Shop now – To Save Money On Groceries.

The following apps are best suited for saving money on grocery especially. You get to track, get deals, discounts and have so many other benefits to shop smarter. Every app mentioned above has many more tools to shop smarter. You must use them to buy smarter and save on your money.

Tip – Don’t forget to check if the stores allow coupons from other stores, just another way of saving money on grocery bill. 

Here are all the grocery stores that will accept competitor coupons:

1. Bi-Lo

2. Giant

3. Super G

4. Harris Teeter

5. Kroger

6. Lowes Foods

7. Marsh

8. Price Chopper

9. Publix


How to save on groceries shopping?

  • Scan your products to get coins and gifts. It is essential to see all the products scanned so all the points added in your bucket list. 
  • Buy on specific days, which means choosing the days when the store has discounts and offers. There are many stores which have offers on specific days. Take the benefit and shop these days.
  • Put the toiletry item aside. We can buy them in a pharmacy where it is more affordable.
  • Remember, grocery stores are designed strategically. Thus, having a list of items to avoid the extra purchase of a product.
  • Buy store brands. Many stores have products of their brand. It is less expensive than other brands. 
  • Price check of the unit. It helps us to find out. Is it an offer or a scam? 
  • Make a list of your week’s meal to get an idea of the products you need.
  • Stay away from pre-cooked or pre-cut fruits or vegetables. They usually cost more.
  • Buy in the stalk. Purchasing a single item, a day will cost you a fortune. Thus, use the apps mentioned above to make a list to be planned.
  • Shop seasonally Non-seasonal products are costly. Buying according to the season will not only keep you healthy but save your money.  
  • Eat leftovers too, it will not waste your food and save money.
  • Compare stores, I know this might be a major change but, if you get some great deals then why not? 
  • Try not buying food that charges for convenience like grating the cheese or washing the vegetable. You will anyway repeat the process.
  • Take advantage of free samples available. Unless it is a major change in your product.

Shop better- Use the grocery saving hacks

Do not forget to check on the disclosures the app provides. Because even they are here to do business. Remember, replacing some small habits will not only save money but help shop smarter and better. You can adapt many other ways to save money in grocery shops. But remember, saving does not mean starving. You must keep eating healthy and not cut off your meals. Keep buying with some tips to save and eat healthily.


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