Do You Need Medical Insurance? 3 Tips to Help You Decide

medical insurance

Medical insurance is a subject that is always in conversation. If it still sounds like a relatively abstract concept to you, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. That’s why here you’ll understand everything there is to learn about health coverage.

Due to the continuously raising prices of healthcare and the unexpected risks of diseases, most Americans have opted to make medical insurance. If in 2010 there were 18,2 percent who didn’t have health coverage, last year the number of uninsured people decreased to 11 percent. This shows that people have learned the importance of being insured.

How Medical Insurance Works

The moment you make health coverage, your health bills will go to your medical insurance plan. After that, when you need it, the bills payment will happen according to the selected health plan.

Similar to home or car insurance, the medical one helps you get covered in the possibility of unexpected events. Let’s take for instance a car accident. One doesn’t expect it, wishes for it, or can do anything to prevent it either. But the fact that it happened is bringing huge bills to the table. Sometimes the bill’s cost can almost reach the amount you need to buy a new car altogether.

This is where the insurance intervenes and takes a big part of the bills’ charges. Therefore, an amount you might not have in the bank is automatically covered by your car insurance. It creates security and prevents you from entering into debt or remaining without any savings.

However, health insurance has a far wider coverage than a car one. It includes anything from vaccinations, annual checkups, and any other kind of body and mind upkeeping.

There are many kinds of health insurance, private or government-run. Among most known government health coverages we mention:

  • Medicaid
    Health coverage for citizens with a low income
  • Medicare
    A federal health insurance program created for individuals of 65+ years old. It can also cover people with specific disabilities or end-stage renal disease.

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3 Reasons to Make a Health Insurance

To be sure of your choice, you can take into consideration these 3 tips:

Medical Costs
In the last years medical costs have touched a new high. While medication alone can be expensive, when an emergency arrives, you won’t be spending anything from your money to pay for the bills. Uninsured people can lose their savings through this kind of emergency and postpone the goals they had for their hard worked earned money.

Tax Benefits
In some cases, health insurance can be tax-deductible. Your medical insurance premiums and other healthcare costs can be exempted from tax – if your expenses exceed 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI). In 2010 President Barack Obama has passed the Affordable Care Act which facilitates families to access premium tax credits on their medical policy plans.

Hospitalization Coverage
Hospitalization, diagnostic tests, and OPD (out-patient department) costs have risen, which makes health insurance even more vital to one’s financial security. Health policies cover both hospitalization fees and also OPD or diagnostic tests costs.

Extra Benefits
When people choose to make health insurance, they receive multiple advantages. Among them we can mention check-ups, ambulance, day-care surgery, and other health-related expenses.

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Companies that Help You Choose Your Best Coverage

Some health insurance companies will showcase their consistent portfolios with an impressive number of benefits to you. But what you’ll miss are the CONs and what other options you can opt for. Maybe your budget is lower and you have other needs.

That’s why the best way to choose your medical insurance is through impartial sites that have all the insurance plans in one place and through a few questions they can determine what’s the optimum choice for you.

This company will help you find your personalized plan from a large number of top carrier insurance companies such as ConnectiCare, Anthem, Cigna, Oxford UnitedHealthCare, National General Insurance, etc. You can directly complete a short form on the site or call and talk to a Licenced Insurance Agent who will advise you of your best options, including what are the best prices. Also, the insurance can be made for you, your whole family, or your business.

MediCare Shop is another great choice. You are given the possibility to get your free quotes in minutes, either by completing a short one-page form or by speaking to a health insurance expert.

If you are the type of person who prefers to study a subject long enough before diving into it, you will definitely like US Insurance Online. The company has a dedicated section on information on every kind of insurance you can ever get, from health to auto or life coverages and annuity resources.


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