Most Extensive List of Freebies You’ll Ever Find in US


Freebies are the way businesses give people a taste of their products so they will want more. But on the other hand, for users, it’s a clever method to save money, especially when packages keep adding up. Finding as many freebie sites as possible is one of the best ways to reduce household expenses. That’s why on this list you’ll find everything you need to save money on essentials. It’s worth mentioning that from each site, you can order freebies multiple times a year. Most times, even the delivery costs are covered by the site, so you’ll receive everything in the package for free.

Share Your Freebies

The site feels more like an aggregator than a freebie site, as its content contains so much more than freebies. While the home page is a little chaotic with splashy contests with chances to win gift cards, the other categories are well divided. You will find anything from laundry products to free Nyx cosmetics, Millie Moon diaper sample packs, shea butter body lotions, cookies, vegan nuggets, and many others. Share Your Freebies is offering different packs of free samples or entire products each month.

Free Sample PRO

By signing up to this site you get access to periodical free samples directly in your inbox. All you have to do is write down your email and they will send you all their free offers. Free Sample PRO also offers an extensive variety of coupons & deals.

Samples Avenue

This platform always creates boxes with free goodies in different categories, so you could choose what you like best. Explore Samples Avenue to see the diverse range of packages on offer. The design and wrapping make it look refined and luxurious, while the request form is in the right side of each package, so it’s super easy to complete.

Send Me Samples

As easy as the site’s name implies, you can request your monthly samples by completing a 30-second form. That’s it. You can subscribe to their newsletter so you can get all the new freebies the moment they become available. The site also displays offers for loan and credit card companies, in case you are searching for this type of services too.

I Love Samples

You surely know this site, as it’s one of the most popular sites of this kind. They offer periodical samples, the shipping cost is all on them, so all you have to do is request your free products.

Pet Goodies

Did you know you can even receive free products for your furry children? In this case, PetJoy is giving free vitamins for a limited period. The 30-day Petjoy Multivitamin will be shipped from Denver in the next 24-48 hours once the user requests the product on the site. It’s really worth a try.

Food Freebies

In order for you to have as many free options in one place, FoodStampSupport is on the list. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) guides its users on how to procure their stamps step-by-step. Besides the normal products you buy with food stamps, you can also buy birthday cakes, food from Amazon, caffeinated drinks and more.


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