The Investment App for Parents that Guarantees Your Kids’ Future

Being a parent is a blessing, but it also comes with its challenges. Especially when you wish to provide your children with a secure future. Many people think that they have to choose between saving money or having fun trips with their children.

Now you can do both. You don’t have to choose between making long-lasting memories and securing your finances for your kids’ future. UNest is THE investment app for parents, created to facilitate the process of saving for college funds, their kids’ first car or towards other goals, in simple easy steps.

Who is UNest

UNest Inc. is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, whose mission is to help families save for college and other goals by investing and managing funds in UTMA accounts. The company is based in Los Angeles and was founded in March 2018. Since then it has rasied since then $3.8 million in funding. The fintech company’s app was launched in February 2020 and since its release, they have taught thousands of families how to save money. In only 2 years it has reached over 400 K subscribers who have benefited from the app’s unique features and rewards.

Ksenia Yudina, the founder and CEO of U-Nest is an expert in finances. Ksenia wanted to give families a simple cheap solution to save money so she came up with an investment app for parents offering 529 plan advice at modest fees.

“As a parent with student debt, I understand first-hand the immense pressure parents feel to get their kids to college without strapping them with massive loan debt for the rest of their lives,” explained Yudina in an interview. “We’re excited to open up the savings market to a much broader range of families to get sensible and achievable college fund plans in place. We are committed to relieving the burden of student loans from parents and hope to change the trend for future generations.”

Receive a $25 Bonus for Your First Investment

The steps are simple:
– install the UNest on your phone
– open a new account
– deposit $25
– use the code: CACTUS24
and you will automatically receive a $25 bonus for the first investment you made.

Investment App for parents
Photo by Jonathan Borba

The Go-To Investment App for Parents

I can say this app is the g.o.a.t. for parents regarding the multitude of attributes it features. It covers all small details that can add to the fund through monthly funds, rewards, relatives’ investment gifts, and even courses on finances to help parents understand how to invest the smart way:

Free Financial Course
This app features an education section with lessons that are introducing you into the science of investing.

Multiple Benefits for Kids
By signing in on this app you will start saving for your kids’ college funds or their first car. UNest has many features that make investing easy and fun.

5 minutes to start
Before, opening a savings account took much paperwork and several hours or even days. Now, through U-Nest your account is ready in less than 5 minutes so you could start investing.

Earn Rewards
By funding your kids’ accounts you will receive many types of rewards. There are over 150 top brands like Disney+ or Doordash ready to offer consistent rewards.

All in the Family
The app has a special feature that makes sending money and vouchers to friends or family easy. Now they can send money to your kids’ accounts through UNest Gifting.

Crypto Investing
The app has the option to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Perfect Tool for Millennials

Why is UNest the perfect Investment App for parents

The app has become very popular among millennial parents eager to find accessible and fast ways to save for their kids’ future.

“Getting started with U-Nest was incredibly quick and easy, and I love being able to calculate the savings my daughters will have by the time they’re in college”, declared Olga Viter, a U-Nest subscriber and mother of 9-year-old twins daughters from California. “The investment options and ability to withdraw the funds tax-free means every dollar I put in can multiply faster and cover a bigger portion of my children’s education expenses.”

In conclusion, UNest is THE SOLUTION FOR PARENTS wanting to start saving or their children’s future, no matter if all they afford to put aside is $25 per month. The app makes it fun while teaching parents financial education.

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