Gemini Crypto Exchange: What are the Benefits of Having it?

gemini crypto exchange

Gemini is the most trusted crypto-native finance platform, a simple and secure tool to build your crypto portfolio. While there are many new platforms offering crypto exchanges, Gemini crypto exchange has always remained at the top of the market.

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Founded in 2014 by the Winklevoss twins, the company is the world’s first cryptocurrency custodian and exchange that has a very high standard of financial operations. It’s so secure that it has never been hacked. More than that, the company has completed SOC 1 Type 1 & Type 2, & Soc 2 Type 1 & Type 2, earning the ISO 27001 certification. This makes it the most secure US crypto exchange platform in US.

When asked what makes Gemini different from other companies, Chief Operating Officer Noah Perlman explained: “we’re very focused—as we always have been—on security, regulation, compliance. Our customers are people who put a premium on this.”

gemini crypto exchange

10 Key features of Gemini

One of the main factors that make this company a great choice is the multitude of great features. It’s recommended to both beginner and experienced investors.

Easy buy & sell crypto tool

The app has an instant buy/sell option that makes the transactions very easy to use.

Wide range of cryptocurrencies

You can choose from a variety of over 90 cryptocurrencies.

Free fiat & crypto withdrawals

The platform offers up to 10 free fiat and crypto withdrawals per month.

Gemini Dollar Or (GUSD)

It is a tool for your USD-backed stablecoin.

Wallet module

Another essential advantage of the app is the Gemini Wallet, where you can store your crypto safely with automatic theft insurance.

Gemini Earn

This tool is helping you earn interest on your crypto.

Gemini Pay

Similarly, when spending your cryptocurrency in retail stores you will do it through this option.


The app offers an ActiveTrader tool containing all order types and advanced charts.

The Custody option

This special module is an institutional-grade ensured crypto storage.

Trusted Security

Above all, the company is the most secure crypto exchange platform in US.